Easily create survey forms and questionnaires. Customize standard and advanced questionnaires effortlessly and define their display features. Types of questions in the questionnaire include single-choice, multiple-choice, star rating, sticker, image single-choice, image multiple-choice, numeric range, ranking, short text, long text, multiple text, and file upload for form creation.

Creating a survey form

Creating a questionnaire and survey form

Easily create standard and advanced survey forms, and customize their display features.

Types of questions in a survey

You can use various types of questions to create a survey form, including single-choice, multiple-choice, star-based, sticker-based, single-choice image, multiple-choice image, numerical range, ranking, short text, long text, multiple-text, and file upload.

Intelligent display of questions

With the ability to define conditions, specify which questions are displayed based on answers and scores.

Receiving different file types during response.

Easily create standard and advanced survey forms, and customize their display features.

Adding scoring and weighting to responses

For each question, determine how to calculate the score and weighting of its response.

Making the form and questionnaire interactive.

Easily create standard and advanced survey forms, and customize their display features.

Survey forms compatible with mobile, tablet, and various display types.

Responsive survey forms are available for various display types.

Using ready-made and standard questionnaires

Use various ready-made and standard questionnaires with different approaches and customization options.

Questionnaire and form settings

Verifying the identity of respondents

Verify the identity of respondents before answering, using their mobile number, email, or unique code.

Setting the questionnaire language.

The possibility of offering the questionnaire in English, Arabic, and Turkish languages has been provided.

Recording the respondents' location.

Monitor the dispersion of respondents by recording their location.

Preventing multiple responses

To maintain data quality, prevent respondents from submitting duplicate responses.

Receiving informational messages

During the received responses, an email or notification is sent to the survey designer and respondents based on the set conditions

Setting automatic start and end dates for responding

By setting the start and end dates, schedule and manage the survey process for respondents.

Publishing the survey form

Survey Kiosk

Use Farafeedback’s survey kiosks as a smart interactive tool to gather customer feedback. Farafeedback’s survey kiosks are custom-produced in various types, including standing, tabletop, and wall-mounted, with a variety of designs and colors to match any setting. They are installed in high-traffic areas.

Tablet and Mobile

Use the Farafeedback survey app on tablets or mobile devices to gather feedback and customer opinions.


Easily and quickly collect survey data through online questionnaires with web-based surveys. Simply share the survey link via SMS, email, and social media.


To invite respondents to participate in the survey, customize your email text and send the survey link via email to your desired contact list.

Text Message

To invite respondents to participate in the survey, customize your text message and send the survey link via text to your desired contact list.

QR Code

For your survey form, obtain and print a custom QR code and place it in key locations visible to customers so they can easily scan the QR code to submit their feedback.

Analysis and reporting

Simple Management Dashboard

The Farafeedback management dashboard provides managers with a real-time snapshot of the organization’s current state, which can significantly help speed up decision-making processes. In fact, Farafeedback delivers critical and essential business information in a visual and graphical format to managers who face time constraints.

Various Reports in Interactive Graphical Charts

By recording responses, receive custom reports for each questionnaire in the form of interactive graphical charts.

Report Builder and Advanced Data Filtering

Create multi-layered filters for data; for each filter, receive a dedicated link to charts of that data segment and make effective decisions.

Displaying the Feedback Submission Process

The ability to view the feedback submission process is available based on time and segmented by kiosk and web.