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Farafeedback collects customer experiences in your business by designing a customer journey map, which is then presented on a customized dashboard. By analyzing the data collected from all customer touchpoints, you can create a better experience for your customers and ultimately improve customer engagement with your brand.

مدیریت تجربه مشتری با فرافیدبک

FaraFeedback collects, manages, and analyzes the employee experience in your organization throughout their career lifecycle, from the moment they receive a job offer, through hiring and onboarding, to annual performance evaluations, participation in surveys, and ultimately until they may leave the organization for any reason. This helps create a better experience for your most valuable organizational assets, contributing to desired organizational outcomes.

مدیریت تجربه کارمندان با فرافیدبک

Farafeedback assists in identifying your customers’ needs and preferences through market research and the design of a process that manages all product-related experiences. We analyze competitors and understand the market’s requirements to help you offer a suitable product. This will enable you to attract new customers and establish a unique brand with competitive products.

مدیریت تجربه محصول

To create a strong brand, a unique and delightful customer experience must be established. At FaraFeedback, we assist your business in managing, strategizing, and evaluating all aspects of the customer experience, derived from advertising, user experience, and feedback. This helps in building brand awareness, credibility, market positioning, and ultimately enhancing your brand’s value.

مدیریت تجربه برند با فرافیدبک

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The Farafeedback blog introduces you to the world of experience management.

Customers of Farafeedback

Customer Feedback

We used the Farafeedback platform to collect customer feedback at our pharmacy, and truly, the Farafeedback service was excellent. Since we started using this service, we have been able to provide a better experience for our pharmacy customers. With Farafeedback, we have been able to retain our current pharmacy customers and attract new ones. In my opinion, the Farafeedback system is one of the best tools for collecting customer feedback.

Dr. Mir Hadi Zadeh


We used Farafeedback to manage the experience of our food court customers and provide better services to them. In my opinion, Farafeedback is the best customer experience management platform. The Farafeedback team helped us make effective decisions by analyzing data and customer feedback.

Naser Sadri

Armitage Food Court Manager

"The Farafeedback survey platform is one of the best tools for collecting customer feedback that we have used in our specialized implant clinic. In addition, the features available on the Farafeedback website for analyzing collected data are very useful. We were able to improve the customer experience in our clinic by using the Farafeedback platform.

Dr. Nahid Nasrabadi

Specialized Implant Clinic

By using the Farafeedback platform for employee experience management, we were able to improve the employee experience in our company. Using Farafeedback, we collected employee feedback in our company and were able to reduce employee turnover and attrition rates by improving employee satisfaction, increasing motivation and commitment among employees.

Mojtaba Mohammadnejad

Rayan Persis


What isFarafeedback?

Feedback is a comprehensive experience management platform that focuses on designing, implementing, and controlling experiences for businesses. Ultimately, it provides a framework for the development of businesses in a competitive environment by analyzing collected data. Additionally, the Feedback platform allows for the design and rapid deployment of online surveys. Furthermore, it provides business owners with customized reports based on data analysis, enabling them to make informed and intelligent decisions.

Who uses Farafeedback?

Feedback provides a simple, comprehensive, and intelligent solution for experience management for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large organizations. It caters to various industries, including but not limited to the tourism industry, hotels, airports, restaurants, retailers, banks, financial institutions, healthcare facilities and hospitals, doctors, the automotive industry, beauty and wellness centers, educational institutions, schools, kindergartens, and organizations.

What is experience? What does experience management do?

"Experience" refers to all the perspectives that exist regarding your business. Experience management, on the other hand, encompasses the tools, software, and strategies used by businesses to monitor, analyze, and improve interactions with customers and employees, as well as the brand and product in use.

What are the benefits of using the Farafeedback platform?

Some of the benefits of the Farafeedback experience management platform include the ability to use an advanced software platform with a user-friendly interface that can be customized. Additionally, you won't just be using a software system; you'll also have access to the expertise and knowledge of our experienced specialists.

Does the platform allow us to personalize the user environment?

Yes, with Farafeedback, you can easily create customized and advanced questionnaires with various types of questions. You can also use various standardized questionnaires with different approaches and customize them to your needs. In terms of customization, you can use your desired logo and background image in the questionnaire to enhance its attractiveness. Additionally, you can include a message to invite individuals to participate in the survey and another message to thank respondents at the end of the survey process.

What types of surveys can be created with the Feedback Platform?

You can easily create your custom surveys and conduct polls in Feedback regardless of the type of business you have or the field you're interested in. Additionally, you can use Feedback's predefined standard questionnaires in various areas such as healthcare, beauty, tourism, fashion, education, national issues, and food, which have been designed by Feedback's specialists and experts.

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